La Manga for your vacation on the Costa Calida

The contrast between old fishing towns and garden towns, its character owes to the fertility of the mythical fields and great monuments found everywhere.

Important features that have drawn people for centuries to visit and make the Costa Calida holiday area their home are the mines, plantations and mountains, along the coast an area full of events that have passed into legends.

The La Manga Strip

The La Manga Strip in the province of Costa Calida is a 28 kilometer long miniskule of land that divides the Mediterranean from the Mar Menor (small sea).

The strips of land that were created over the centuries started life as Small Islands which slowly filled with sand and leaves which eventually became strong enough to build up. Families enjoy spending their time on Mar Menor, which is a tiny ocean on the other side of the La Manga Strip, a lovely place to see almost any water sport you could possibly imagine while staying at you.

La Manga is also famous for its championship golf courses, the world of Polaris is just a minute or two of the beach and enough glorious entertainment for everyone round the corner, enough to keep any family busy during their vacation. This La Manga club has also become haunted by many famous soccer players and other stars. Just knowing this area has the best microclimate in Spain.

Costa Calida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Spanish Mediterranean, picturesque beaches with dunes backed by pine forests. With the largest pool in the world, where the water is only about always 5.c higher than the Mediterranean sea and only 7 meters away with long sloping beaches. La Manga, Mar del Menor is found on the Costa Calida.

The location where the gulls roar and the hum of the crickets is often the only sound that breaks the calm of the day.

An area of ​​Spain that is starting to become increasingly popular as a vacation spot, is the warm coast or as it is known in Spanish The Costa Calida, a 2 hundred and 50 kilometer stretch of the Mediterranean coast in the province of Murcia.

Galvanizing the average visitor to open their eyes and earn more curios with every step of the way, as they enjoy a Costa Calida holiday, in such a short space of time, this is Murcia’s allure.

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